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1984 -Important question: How love is being transformed -Your nightmares= grotesque but true -the novel is the same thing. It’s meaningful; just don’t focus on the details -Obrien has been manipulating Winston’s dreams for years. They’re being invaded just like ours, but we’re not paranoid enough to know and realize it -One way to understand 1984 is that everything happens to us also but we do it voluntarily -the novel begins with Winston thinking he committed a crime and he expects punishment -he hasn’t actually done anything though -Though Crime= basically reality control. This is the same ads doublethink Doublethink= reality control= thought crime -thought crime= anyone who thinks of reality commits this -Winston still thinks that thought crime is a crime and needs to be punished -even though he is captured and tortured, it’s not punishment … it’s a cure -he is a little bit more in control of his thoughts, but he still knows what reality is, therefore he’s still committing thought crime -Interrogation= something that attracts Winston to Obrien (eros)—not sex, physical attraction -Winston longs for a clear understanding of reality and old times (what culture was and love was like) -Obrien knows what Winston wants, but rejects him and this is what makes Winston so attracted to Obrien -Interrogation= love not truth -Big Brother= really just an image for people who want and alternative -sex in itself is not rebellious. There needs to be more than just sex -Around page 275: if you take away the brutality of it, we also think that there are no utopias. When we realise this, it’s recognition that everything is just power How they condition Winston: -in 3 stages 1. Learning. -this is where the body is broken down 2. Understanding. -moves from the body to the mind 3. Acceptance. - addressed the soul -All 3 of these stages lead to the soul. The soul is the heart of eros. Eros is the heart of the he
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