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Sandra Colavecchia

SIQ Politics Notes Chapter 20 – “The 1993 “Earth Quake” by Lawrence LeDuc  1960-1993: Canadian party system had 2 strong parties: Liberal & Progressive Conservative and 1 weak party: New Democratic  2 new parties shattered the old system: The Bloc Quebecois and the Reform party. Made it difficult to weave together a national majority  3 leaders created a new party that could compete against the liberals: Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Party of Canada  Old “two and a half” party system had changed  2006 federal election: defeat of Liberal party after 12 years in power to Harper conservatives  2008 election: Conservatives retained power but with a minority gvnt  1993 election = new party system was formed. New system referred to as the “fourth party system”. Makes it hard for any party to get the majority number of votes, or even seats across the country  There is Liberal continuity=Canadian identify with the Liberal Party than with any other of its competitors  Canadian political parties of the pat = brokerage parties = do not seek to appeal voters on the basis of long-standing principles or ideological commitment, not bound by positions or actions they have taken in the past, inconsistent when responding to new versions of old problems , organize around leaders rather than principles or ideologies, and expect leader to work out compromises.  Brokerage politics leads to weak parties, little commitment from vote
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