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MRUANTH 1101christinegiancarloFall

ANTH 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Selective Breeding, Blending Inheritance, Fecundity

OC10661513 Page
His observations of living and fossil animals convinced him that plants/animals change slowly through time (which is key to understanding new species)
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MRUANTH 1105Carol KrolWinter

ANTH 1105 Chapter 4: Ch4Notes - anatomically modern humans

OC10661512 Page
2 hypothesis of how anatomically modern humans emerged: multiregional model; human populations throughout old world evolved independently, first to arc
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MRUANTH 1105Carol KrolWinter

ANTH 1105 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Woolly Rhinoceros, Diminution, Sedentism

OC10661512 Page
Last cold episode of ice age ended in 13 700 bc, global warming ensued followed by an. Holocene divided into two stages holocene is the current phase t
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