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Chapter 5

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Chapter Five The Life of the CityFebruary0513 848 PMThe roman city Rome is best approached through two apparently contradictory statementso Roman society culture and civilization were urbano Rome cannot be understood without taking the whole country into full account Rich and powerful in roman life pace setters were active in both town and country at once Roman upper classes would make long journeys with their families The end of the summer was a season in which you would expect to be on the move with all the families friends slaves of rich moving too it must have been fairly chaotic The end of winter and onset of pleasant spring weather formed another season of visitation your home town most people not originally from RomeWith all the families friends slaves of rich moving too it must have been fairly chaotic Really important facts about roman life we can begin to imagine how Rome worked if we imagine the year divided into seasons for travel and work o The sailing season began in april and ended in september Attracted large amounts of skilled and casual labouro The harvest principly july attracted workers to move out of Romeo Life in the country became a carefully cultivated alternative to life in the town and this is what gives rise to much of the imagery of rustic bliss in Latin literature In both town and country the rich called the tune and shaped much of what went ono By their movementso By their tastes Romans did not h
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