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Chapter 12

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CLST 129

Chapter 12: Managing our heritage April-23-13 7:37 PM  CRM (cultural resource management) or "applied archaeology" accounts for over 90 percent of the field archaeology carried out in the USA today o Funding: generally speaking the proponent of the construction or land use project pays for the work, whether that party is a federal, state or local agency, or a private developer o Outcome: the fieldwork typically results in at least a report filed with the SPHO and data entered in the government and other database. Many CMR projects also result in published journal articles, monographs, and books o Legal basis: under section 106 of the national historic preservation act (NHPA, archaeological investigations carried out in advance of projects on federal land, using federal funds, or requiring a federal permit o Compliance: project proponents fund legally required compliance work that includes
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