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PSYC 100 Chapter Notes -Preoptic Area, Electrocardiography, Slow-Wave Sleep

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

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Polygraph instrument that records changes in physiological processes such as
brain activity, heart rate and breathing
EEG the measurement of electrical activity in the brain
Beta activity
o Irregular activity in EEG that indicates state of alertness or
Alpha activity
o Rhythmical activity indicating quiet and relaxation
Theta activity
o Transition between sleep and wakefulness
Delta activity
o Indicates slow wave sleep
Slow wave sleep regular slow waves on EEG
Rapid eye movement (REM) a period of sleep during which dreaming, rapid
eye movements and muscle paralysis occurs, shows BETA activity
Pons becomes active
Activation of visual system
Acetyl-chloine secreting neurons
BRAC Basic Rest Activity Cycle 90 minute cycle of waking and alertness by a
biological clock in the pons
Controls cycles of REM sleep and slow wave sleep
EMG the measurement of activity of muscles
EKG measurement of activity of the heart
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