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The Millennials, Knowledge, and Culture

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Queen's University
SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

The Millennials, Knowledge, and Culture Objective: -general portrait of first year students as a whole -the life experiences, expectations, and backgrounds of students entering postsecondary education to see if they’re prepared for university full and profitability -high school preparation and the expectations of university instructors -types of knowledge professors emphasize -traditional expectations associated with postsecondary education -‘a liberal education’ The ‘Millennials’ in Profile Beloit College Mindset List- a collective biography of students entering postsecondary institutions each year Millennials-born after 1990 -also known as Generation Y, Echo Boomers, the Boomlet, Nexters, the Nintendo Generation, the Digital Generation, or the Net Generation -follows Generation X -more parent involvement and comes from close small families -Helicopter Parents- students become heavily dependent -deals with conflicting images of themselves -constant pressure to achieve -individualism -weaker sense of history -technology and digital media Generation X- born between 1961 and 1981 -can be divided into cohorts: -1960-66 Baby Boom -1967-79 Baby Bust - 1980-95 Baby-Boom-Echo The Millennials and the Formal Education System -students lack engagement with instructors, university administers, parents, and other students because they are unprepared academically and emotionally, and have difficulty charting their lives -professors also pose questions about complex issues, questions that require time and prolonged effort to yield provisional answers -students must also multi-task information which leads to lack of engagement -Technology-Pro: allows students to access different sources and software’s, and the cooler the medium the more concentrated the students will be -Con: the information streaming can be fast paced and overwhelming -lots of expectations and demands Medium is the Message-Marshall McLuhan -different media encourages and permits distinctive types of participation on the part of the consumer Hot Medium- when the medium plays the most significant role in creating the message Cold Medium- when the consumer plats a more active role in creating the message Molten Hot- web-based information that is highly packaged, tightly scripted, and ready for instantaneous and largely passive consumption Higher Education Liberal Education-Allan Bloom -the goal of human completeness -Bloom’s central concerns: -higher education fails to defend and maintain -long term and immediate social pressures deflect students away -the inner structure of universities have demoted the
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