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Social Inequality

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Social Inequality 552012 123200 PM Social InequalityOlympicsHuynho Woman wrestler in the Olympicso Her victory indicated how much the social landscape stfor women had changes during the 21 centuryThere is still the need for more changes to ensure greater equality of opportunityGreater condition treatment for both men and women in the social structure o Her gold symbolized rewardsSymbolicFinancialSocialAchieved through hard work and discipline in a hierarchal organized social structure o Success was up to the individual o Her victory symbolized the openness of Canadian society o Also symbolizes the promise of success that immigrant families can achieve through hard work and dedication to their new countryHer medal reflects issues around Racialization o Huynh symbolizes strength of small towns in CanadaSuperiority of small town traditional communities over the anonymity of modernized urban worldCommunity solidarityOne for all all for oneConflicts with individualism o Her victory signals the broadening of the social acceptance of womenEmotionallyPhysicallyMeritocracy and StratificationSports are involved with
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