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SOCY 227 Chapter Notes -Sui Generis, Social Fact

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 227
G R Frank Pearce

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Emile Durkheim
Sui Generis and Social facts
o Existing objectively and independently on their own
o Exist even without human interaction and involvement
Social Fact
o Coercive power on people in society
o Control individual behaviours
Eg freedom and suicide
When people leave societies, social facts do
not change
o Social facts create social regularities and social order
Human can be transformed by social facts
Social fact of suicide
Catholics had lower suicide than
o That fact was social, not from
individual behaviours
Division of Labour
o Division of labour exists in all society
o Division of labour progresses and society progresses
Societies Needs
o Society is sui generis existing on its own
o Must produce and reproduce
Each part of society must work in unison
Social Solidarity
Mechanical Solidarity
Similarity of individuals
All share the same way of life
o Conformity
o Repressive Law
Punishing those that go
against collective
Punishment is vengeance
getting back for
disrupting collective
Crime and punishment
intensifies solidarity,
confirms the
consciousness, brings
people closer together to
demonstrate the
superiority of their values
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