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SOCY 227
G R Frank Pearce

Emile Durkheim  Sui Generis and Social facts o Existing objectively and independently on their own o Exist even without human interaction and involvement  Social Fact o Coercive power on people in society o Control individual behaviours  Eg freedom and suicide  When people leave societies, social facts do not change o Social facts create social regularities and social order  Human can be transformed by social facts  Social fact of suicide  Catholics had lower suicide than protestants o That fact was social, not from individual behaviours  Division of Labour o Division of labour exists in all society o Division of labour progresses and society progresses  Societies Needs o Society is sui generis – existing on its own o Must produce and reproduce  Each part of society must work in unison Social Solidarity Mechanical Solidarity Similarity of individuals  All share the same way of life o Conformity o Repressive Law  Punishing those that go against collective conscious  Punishment is vengeance – getting back for disrupting collective conscious  Crime
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