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Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 227
Wendy Pearson

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Q1: Intertextuality is when an image doesn’t carry meaning on their own. There has to be
a text that explains it as well.
Question 4: Explain the meaning and significance of stereotypes. Do you think that
stereotypes operate primarily in the media? What other sources are there in your daily
Meaning and Significance:
Does it operate in the Media?
Sources of Stereotypes in Daily life:
- Aside from the media, other sources of stereotypes in daily life would
be from:
-peer interactions and life experiences.
- (ex; joking with friends about guys being messier than girls and
then actually seeing it for yourself within your own guy friends.
- Also, how you were raised whether it be parental influences or
religious beliefs.
- (ex; if you are raised by parents who are constantly reinforcing the
fact that men are stronger and do the more strenuous jobs whereas
women cook and clean then you are more apt to believe in that
stereotype for yourself.
- However, with all of that being said, essentially people are mainly
influenced by the media so even if you learn about other stereotypes
through friends they are stemming from somewhere and thats usually
the media.
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