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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Contractual Defects (LAW 122)

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LAW 122
Andre Serero

Incapacity to Contract -person cant enter into a contract unless they have the legal power to give consent -capacity is the legal power to give consent -groups who may have no capacity; minors, mentally disabled persons, intoxicated persons, corporations, associations, public authorizes Personal Incapacity Minors  PG. 227 - those who have not reached the age of majority  minors -age of majority  age at which a person is held fully accountable in law -the laws approach, shields minors from exploitation and the consequences of their own inexperience Mental Incapacity - READ PG. 228 Intoxication - agreement is voidable if two conditions are met ; -person must have been so drunk that they could not know or appreciate what they were doing -the other contractual party must have been alerted to the fact Associations -usually unincorporated business organizations including private clubs, religious societies - READ SLIDE NOTES Public Authorities - READ SLIDE NOTES Absence of Writing -certain types of contracts must be evidenced in writing -requirements were made by old piece of English legislation – Statue of Frauds Statue of Frauds - requires some contracts to be evidenced in writing as a way of reducing the risk of perjury or lying in legal proceedings -was intended to discourage people from falsely claiming the existence of oral contracts Types of Contracts that must be Evidenced in Writing -3 types of contracts; guarantees, contracts for the sale of an interest in land & contracts not to be performed with a year Guarantees -contractual promise by a third party, called a guarantor, to satisfy a debtors obligation if that debtor fails to do so  EX. PG 232 -guarantee can be distinguished from an indemnity  EX. PG 232 - is an unconditional promise to assume another’s debt completely  Indemnity Consumer Protection & Writing Requirements -some consumer protection laws require certain types of agreements to be made in writing to protect consumers interests -these laws help prevent exploitation of consumers and prevent disputes about the terms of the contract General Principles -contracts require a meeting of the minds, which is a shared mutual agreement to enter into an enforceable transaction on a particular basis - READ PG. 235 OR READ SLIDES The Doctrine of Frustration  PG. 237 -contractual mistake takes place at or during contract formation, a frustrating event takes place sometime after the contract is already in place -frustration  a contract is frustrated when some eve
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