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Chapter 13

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ARCH 100
Ross Jamieson

Tlailotlacán Copper: smelted at low temperatures. Early workers learned it was stronger when made into A cluster of houses in Teotihuacán that housed an alloy. immigrants from Oaxaca Valley. People living Bronze: Alloy of copper and tin or arsenic. there maintained their cultural identity through Copper and tin both limited so bronze metal 400 years of occupation. Analyzed burials production reliant on trade. through oxygen isotopes in teeth that reflected Iron: More widely available than copper or tin. characteristics of water consumed while teeth Needs very high temperatures to smelt. In forming. Shows where they lived in childhood. Used to show that there was a constant flow of Americas never developed indigenously, but it did in Africa. people between Oaxaca Valley and Tlailotlacán. Most children had been there at least once. Ulu Burun Shipwreck Found
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