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Chapter 8

BUS 237 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Online Transaction Processing, Online Analytical Processing, Russell L. Ackoff

Business Administration
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BUS 237
Maryam Ali

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Challenges in Decision Making
"Management Misinformation Systems" Ackoff
Managers have no problems with making decision if they get all the data they need
Poor decisions are made because managers lack relevant info
Managers are aware of the data they need
Misassumptions about info systems
Overabundance of info
Data are growing at a rate of 30% a year
Petabyte: 1015 bytes, Exabyte: 1018 bytes
Need to find appropriate data and incorporate them in decision processes
Information Overload
Data Quality
Raw data unsuitable for sophisticated reporting/data mining
Dirty data problematic data
Missing values
Inconsistent data
Clickstream data: customer's clicking behaviour on websites
Data granularity too coarse or too fine
Data not integrated
Too much data
Collecting data electronically and processing the transactions online
"real time" data is immediately processed when entered, no delay in updating systems, more
complex & expensive
"batch" collect transactions until a batch before processing
Which type of processing depends on nature of business
Backbone of all functional, cross-functional, interorganizational systems in a company
Efficiently enter, process, store data
Combine large databases with input devices to process transactions quickly and accurately
Support decision making by providing raw info about transactions and status of organization
Online Transaction Processing
Data need to be used in order to create value
Data Resource Challenge data does not improve decision making
Systems that focus on making OLTP- collected data useful for decision making
Provides ability to perform simple arithmetic operations on groups of data
Decision Support Systems/Online Analytic Processing
Dynamic format viewer of the report can change the report's structure
"drill down" further divide the data into more detail
OLAP Report/Cube
Data item of interest
Characteristic of measure
BI System
A system the provides info for improving decision making
Business Intelligence system
Chapter 8 Decision Making & Business Intelligence
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