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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Textbook notes BUS 362

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Business Administration
BUS 362
Landon Kleis

BUS362:B USINESS P ROCESS A NALYSIS Systems Analysis and Design –Chapter 4: Use Case Analysis U SE CASE Represents how a system interacts with its environment by illustrating the activities that are performed by the users of the system, and the system’s responses. Each use case describes how an external user triggers an event to which the system must respond EVENT DRIVEN MODELING Everything in the system can be thought of as a response to a trigger event U SE CASE ELEMENTS ▪ Basic information o Name and number o Priority (relative significance o Actor (person/system/software/hardware that interacts to achieve a goal) o Trigger (external, temporal, both) ▪ Preconditions (the state the system must be in before the use case commences) ▪ Normal course (lists the steps that are performed when everything flows smoothly in the system) ▪ Alternative courses (steps followed for alternativepaths are outlined)
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