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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

‘High’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Low’ Cultures in Everyday Life by D.Inglis -How everyday life is influenced by both art and popular culture, and how everyday life impacts and shapes them -Separating and understanding “art” vs. “popular culture” in differences and similarities -How the cream of the crop “high culture” is said to be the best from social groups with the most power vs. whether it is an elitist perspective which is bias, or even to some meaningless labels -High culture is based on artistic quality and intellectual stimulation, while pop culture is the opposite -To many art is above cultural products and has been said to be the best for generations which has influenced a specific work’s status vs. a modern fad -Exposure to high culture is a process that where the best works challenge us to rethink our views and strive up to them with our own creations as we become more refined and sophisticated -When we think of famous art or talent, we think of these specific pieces such as Picasso and Beethoven’s work -Arnold 2 main points/quotes -These respected pieces are seen as reflections of human life and prestige. High culture emphasizes more transcendent beliefs and questions of human life and purpose such as truth and morality -Today popular culture is held with high regard over high culture as changes in society and culture vastly have changed as high culture is tarnis
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