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CRIM 135
Graeme Bowbrick

TOPIC 4THE CANADIAN CONSTITUTION foundation of all laws PART 1I Introduction1 The Purpose of a Constitution Constitution should typically do 4 thingsSet out basic structures of government Executive judicial legislative branchSet out the various branches of government set out the power of those branchesPlace limitations of power on the governmentSet out a process by which allows amending for the constitution when necessary should not be often2 The Colonial Origins of Canadas ConstitutionCanadian Constitution Colonial OriginsoCame from one of the many British colonies oThe beginning constitutions of Canada was the simple British statues that spell out the authority of the colonies to make laws for themselves oCanada gets law making authority from Britain Colonial poweroStatues Colonial laws of Validity Act 1865British statues passed from British parliamentCould make laws make sure theyre local in nature ex feeding ducks in pond as long they didnt contradict laws made in the British parliamentBritish North America Act of 1867It is the main document that established the structures of government and the political and legal structures and sets out the powers of those institutions Statues of Westminster 1931Represented British parliament giving up their power over some of the self governing dominions Canada Australia New Zealand Northern IrelandoBritain would no long pass any laws affecting these colonies oMore of a formality they werent passing many laws
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