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HUM 102W
David Mirhady

Unit 2 The Olympian Pantheon The Reign of ZeusThe usual 12 Olympian gods are the most powerful1Zeus2Poseidon3Hades4Hera5Demeter6Athena7Apollo8Artemis9Hermes10Hephaestus11Ares12Dionysus who replaces HestiaTake note of their epithets the short phrases used in poetry to describe them when repitition of their names would get tedious First Generation of OlympiansGreatest of godsZeusRoman Jupiter Ju part piterfatherRelated to our word day refers to the skyoGreek Z is a combination SD so SdeusHH to Zeus 23 relates many epithetsobest among the gods and greatestoallseeingothe lord of alloson of Cronosothe fulfilleroSky godcloudgathererLightning boltshis weaponLightning strikes groundmanifestation of Zeus kataibats coming downEaglehis birdBullhis animalIn story of Europa Zeus commonly takes form of a bullOakhis treeAt Dodona in northwestern Greece priests listenedinterpreted as leaves rustled on oak treesRaised on Creteisland is significant for himSanctuary at Olympia and its games were in his honourAthenians had building off their marketplace dedicated to Zeus the liberator since freedom was an important value for historic GreeceZeus also seen as guarantor of oaths and hospitality xenia
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