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Political Science
POL 100
Loganathan Masilamani

POL 100 Chapter 5Government the institutions and people responsible for carrying out the affairs and administration of a political systemMember of Parliament representative of voters in a parliamentary systemCabinet members of the executive level of government responsible for decision making and administration of the bureaucracyCronyism in politics the practice of choosing or preferring friends or associatesNepotism in politics the practice of choosing or preferring relativesOpposition one or more parties that are not part of government but form a check on the ruling power of the leected partyElectorate people in a political system with the right to vote in elections enfranchised citizensBureaucrats those responsible for carrying out public policy public employeesExecutive usually the top level of government or the leader maintains leadership of the entire political system and often reflects the leadership and preoccupations of the dominant political partyLegislativs referring to the body of a political system with the responsibility to make laws and known as the legislatureJudiciary judiciarycourts level of governanceBureaucracy division of government responsible for carryi
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