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Theories of Analysis ch 3

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Political Science
POL 241
Mark Mac Leod

POL 241Theories of Analysisch 3Individual Levelpersonality perceptions choices and activities are individual decision makers and individual participants provide the explanation State Leveldomestic factors type of government democracy or authoritarianism the type of economic system capitalist or socialist interest groups within the country or national interest International Levelanarchic characteristics of that system or with international and regional organizations and their strengths and weaknessesInternational Systemalliances international normsrules intergovernmental organizations multinational corporations Stategovernment economy interest groups national interest Individualpersonality perceptions activities choicesRealismlevel of analysis stateRealismbased on a view of the individual as primarily fearful selfish and power seekingIndividuals organized in states each acts in a unitary way in pursuit of its own national interest defined in terms of powerPower material resources necessary to physically harm or coerce other states to fight and win wars states exist in an anarchic international system anarchy highlights the absence of an authoritative hierarchywthis condition states in the international system can rely only on themselvesmost important concern manage their insecuritythe state is assumed to be a unitary actor there are no subnational actors trying to overturn the decision of the govt or subvert interests of the state rational actors rational decisions advance the national interestthe interests of the stateMorgenthau international politics can be characterized as a struggle for power 1 the flawed individual in the state of nature struggles for selfpreservation 2 the autonomous and unitary state is constantly involved in power struggles balancing power with power preserve what is in the national interest 3 International system is anarchic no higher power to put an end to the competitionMorality is to be judged by the political consequences of a policy Neorealismlevel of analysis international systemalso called structural realism propose general laws to explain events attempt to simplify explanations of behavior
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