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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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PSYC 100
Russell Day

PSYC 100 STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS 5 T HE P UZZLE OF C ONSCIOUSNESS Consciousness: Moment-to-Moment awareness of ourselves and our environment 1. Subjective and Private 2. Dynamic (Ever changing) 3. Self-reflective and central to our sense of self Selective Attention: Process that focuses awareness on some stimuli to the exclusion of others Conscious Pathway is the prefrontal cortex Consciousness is from the whole brain M EASURING STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS Self-Report Measures: Ask people to describe their inner experiences Behavioral Measures: Records performance on special tasks Physiological Measures: Establishes correspondence between bodily processes and mental states L EVELS OFC ONSCIOUSNESS The Freudian Viewpoint 1. Driven by instinctive urges and repressed conflicts 2. Three levels of awareness 3. Conscious mind contains conscious thoughts and perceptions 4. Preconscious mind has events that are outside current awareness, but can be easily recalled 5. Unconscious mind such as sexual drives, aggressive urges 1. These thoughts are repressed The Cognitive Viewpoint 1. Controlled (conscious) Processing: The conscious use of attention and effort 1. Slower www.notesolution.com
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