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PSYC 102
Russell Day

Psychology 102 Chapter 16 Psychological DisordersJudgement of Abnormal BehaviorDistress if behavior is distressing to the individual or to others interacting with the individual o Problem some people are out of touch with reality feel little distress but have bizarre thought processes and abnormal behavior Dysfunctiondysfunctional maladaptive or selfdefeating o What about suicide bomber Psychologically disturbed Criminal Patriot o Who define how dysfunction Eg self cutting self scarring tattoingDeviance o When behavior break normlaws o Some norms are relative within societyeg talking to oneself staring at others in elevator o Will be viewed as disturbed if these unstated norms are broken especially of others are made uncomfortableHistorical perspective on Deviant BehaviorAncient times believed abnormalities was caused by supernatural forces work of the devilBizzare behaviorEvil spirit trying to escape from a persons bodyTo release the spirit used procedure called trephination using sharp tool to drill 2 cm hole in skull some survived many diedVulnerabilitystress modelEach of us have some degree of vulnerability for developing a psychological disorder given sufficient stressVulnerability genetic factor low social support personality factors low selfesteemStressors economic adversity environmental trauma interpersonal stresses or losses occupational setbacks or demandspsychological disorderDIAGNOSING PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERSDSMIVTR standardized way of DESCRIBING the behaviours and LABELLING the clusters of behaviours as part of the DIAGNOSISuse five dimensionsaxes o Axis Iprimary diagnosisclinical symptoms eg panic disorder o Axis II personalitydevelopment disorderseg dependent personality disorder mental retardation o Axis IIIphysical conditions eg high blood pressure o Axis IVPsychosocialEnvironmental Problems eg stressors divorce job loss o Axis VGlobal Assessment of Functioning coping resourceProblems the categories are so detailed and specific that many people dont fit neatly 50 may share certain symptoms only Does not capture severity of persons disorderDSMV integrating categorical and dimensional approachesDimensional system Relevant behaviors are rated along a severity measureextensions from normal functioningMajor Diagnostic CategoriesAnxiety disorders intensefrequent anxiety no loss of reality include phoniaspanic disorder OCD PTSDMood disorders disturbances of mood including depression and mania extreme excitementSomatoform disorders physical symptoms eg blindness paralysis painbut with no physical basis also have excessive worries about health hypochondriasisDissociative disorders psychologically caused problems of consciousness and selfidentification eg amnesia multiple personalities dissociative identity disorderSchizophrenic and psychotic disorders severe disorders of thinking perception and emotion that involve loss of contact with reality and disordered behaviorSubstanceabuse disorders personal or social problems associated with use of psychoactive substances eg alcohol heroinSexual and gender identity disordersinability to function sexually enjoy sex sexual dysfunction deviant sexual behavior child molestation arousal by inappropriate objects fetishes strong discomfort with ones gender desire to be member of the other sexEating disorders selfstarvation anorexia nervosa patterns of bingeing and purging bulimia nervosaeat a lot and pukePersonality disorders maladaptive personality patterns eg antisocial dependent paranoid narcissistic disordersCritical issues in diagnostic labelling SOCIALPERSONAL IMPLICATIONS Once diagnostic label is attached it is a description of individual rather than behaviorCant look at someone objectively without prejudice about how they will act affect interactionLEGAL CONSEQUENCESCompetency defendants state of mind at the time of a judicial hearing not at time crime was committed o too disturbed to understand nature of legal procedure not competent to stand trialInsanity presumed state of mind at the time crime was committed not guilty by reason of insanity o lack capacity to appreciate wrongfulness of the acts or to control themselves
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