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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Def's

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PSYC 221
Thomas Spalek

Chapter 1Introduction aDefining CognitionbHistoric TheoriescPsychophysicsdFirst Psychological LabeStructuralismfHermann von EbbinghausgFunctionalismhBehaviourismKey TermsAnalytic approach 10attempting observationderived data as the basis to understand complex events by for all sciencebreaking them down into their componentsBehaviourism 17the school of Functionalism 16WILLIAM JAMES psychology in which the organismsthe movement in psychology in observable behaviour was the primary which the functions of various mental topic of interest and the learning of and physical capacities were studied new stimulusresponse associations contrast with structuralismwhether by classical conditioning or by reinforcement principles was deemed Introspection 14the largely the most important kind of behaviour abandoned method of investigation in to study which subjects look inward and describe their mental processes and Classical conditioninga neutral thoughts historically the method of stimulus becomes associated with investigation promoted by Wundt and a significant stimulus through Titchenerrepeated pairing of the twoMemory 9the mental processes of Cognition 9the collection of acquiring and retaining information for mental processes and activities used in later retrieval
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