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Chapter 4

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PSYC 221
Thomas Spalek

Lecture 3 Chapter 4 cognitive psychology Attention Determines what makes it into the working memoryDefinitionAttention the mental process of concentrating effort on a stimulus or mental event the limited mental energy or resource that powers the mental systemAs the process also what you have dividing your attention put some resources in one task and some resource in anotherFuel of the system Webct slide diagramYerkesDodson Law 1908 Webct diagramoLooks at how arousal influences performance over various tasks oArousal seems to influence performance oAs arousal increase to moderate level performance goes up oIf you go beyond moderate level where arousal is too high performance drop again oFocus attention too much oWhere peaks occur depends on the task easier the task the more it is shifted to the right the harder the task the more it is shifted to the left oFind the arousal level that puts you in the moderate level range oIf exam easy hype your self out with caffine oIf exam is hard you do not need to add to it oTake into account the situation linked to attention Cognitive Task
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