PSYC 325 Chapter : psyc 325 - ch 11 definition - old memory

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General slowing leads to deficits in those memory specific domains that require encoding of new information and rapid retrieval of existing information. Don"t predict deficits in memory performance that"s untimed or don"t require recall (ex. self-paced recognition tests should show no deficits) Studies measure reaction time show age- related declines speeded decisions = ex. lexical decision task = old perform more slowly. Predictive across range of situations ex. memory for music. Inhibition also ability to suppress retrieval of irrelevant information. Younger = better at blocking out irrelevant information parents can"t concentrate with learning with music in background = tell children to turn music off. Old = retrieve name of grandchild = can"t inhibit other names = need more time to sort through additional names that" accidentally retrieval/wrong name hard to suppress other names also retrieval. Inhibition in memory that occurs when people asked to forget some information but not other information. Forgetting studies = evidence of inhibition problems in old.