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Chapter 9-355

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PSYC 355
Robert Ley

CHAPTER 9 Peers – individuals who are about the same age or maturity level Sociometric status – the extent to which children and adolescents are liked or disliked by their peer group 1. Popular children – frequently nominated as a best friend and are rarely disliked by their peers 2. Average children – receive and average number of both positive and negative nominations from their peers 3. Neglected children – infrequently nominated as a best friend but are not disliked by their peers 4. Rejected children – infrequently nominated as someone’s best friend and are actively disliked by their peers  Aggression toward peers – predicts delinquency or drop out of school  Emotionally reactive  Fewer social skills 5. Controversial children – frequently nominated both as someone’s best friend and as being disliked Social cognition – thoughts about social matters; how adolescents process information during peer interaction PROCESSING SOCIAL INFORMATION: 1. Decoding of social cues 2. Interpretation 3. Response search 4. Selection of an optimal response 5. Enactment Emotion – ability to regulate emotion Conglomerate strategies – coaching; involve the use of a combination of techniques, rather than a single approach to improve adolescents’ social skills Friends – subset of peers who engage in mutual companionship, support, and intimacy IMPORTANCE OF FRIENDSHIP: 1. Companionship – provides adolescents with a familiar partner, someone willing to spend time with them and join in collaborative activities 2. Stimulation – provide them with information, excitement and amusement 3. Physical support – provides resources and assistance 4. Ego suppo
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