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ch 11 mental health issues

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

Mental Health Issues and TreatmentPsychological Condition that significantly alters the individuals adaptation disorderCategory include range of behaviours and experiences that fall outside social norms create adaptional difficulty in daily basis put personothers at risk of harm ex HoardersCriteria to judge behaviour as abnormalinclude feeling personal or subjective distress being impaired in daily life causing risk to selfothers engage in behaviour thats sociallyculturally unacceptableSyndromeCollections of symptoms that together form a recognizable pattern of disturbance comparable to an illness in medical termsSchizophreniaSevere form of psychopathology involving range of unusual symptoms affecting thought language motivation expression of emotion May suffer disturbances in speechmotor behaviour Several subtypes but all share common featuresevere disturbance in ability to remain in touch with realityOLD who suffered for many yearsdevelop wide range coping skills positive First systematic definitionspremature dementia dementia praecoxEmil Kraepelinfor long timethought of as permanently disabling condition but now know longterm outcome of disorderhighly variablePersonality Exaggerations of personality traits found in everyone but for some create significant disordersproblems in daily life Reflect disturbance within basic personality structure of individual Mental Disorders in ability to carry out tasks of daily livingretardationAxis IConditions may persist for years even if symptoms dissipate over time may be on more or less constant alert for renewed outbreakMinority adults experience these disorders but those who doface struggles in their family relationships work lives ability to live independently in community Diagnosisinclude set of specific criteria that must be met for diagnosis to be correctly appliedCriteriainvolve high degree of severity and persistence of symptoms over period of time usually no less than 2 weeksMood Psychological disorders involving abnormalities in individuals experience of emotion disorders2 categories1Depressive disorderscharacterized primarily by periods of intense sadness dysphoria sad mood lasting varying amounts of time and involve varying degrees of severity 2Bipolar disordersexperience of manic episodes at least 1 week feeling unduly elated high grandiose expansive energetic Major Mood disorderfeelings of extreme sadness major symptom appetite and sleep depressive disturbances feelings of guilt low sense of selfworth for at least 2 weeksdisorder18 over course of adulthoodlifetime prevalence anyone who ever received diagnosis Any given time 15 US adults have MDD or dysthymia more chronic milderMDD and dsythymiain women2x rates of menGeneralized Feel overall sense of uneasiness and concern but without having particular focusanxiety Prone to worrying especially over minor problemsmay have additional symptoms disorderex Feel restless tense trouble concentrating irritable difficulty sleepingMedical patientshigher rates prevalence rates higher among Latinao immigrants minorityrisk Panic disorderInvolving experience of panic attacks physical sensation they are about to die eg Shortness of breath pounding heart sweating palms etcMay have panic attack episodes at unpredictable timesmay develop agoraphobiaHigh in earlymid adulthood 47 adults agoraphobiafear of having panic attack leads them to avoid places such as elevators malls public transportation where escape during an attack would be difficultless common among OLD vs adults in 30s 60syounger adults usually develop this follow panic attack BUT OLDmore likely this condition related to fear or embarrassment
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