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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Relationships

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PSYC 357
Wendy Thornton

PSYC 357 ADULTHOOD AND AGINGCHAPTER 9 RELATIONSHIPSMARRIAGE AND INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS p 190Marriagelegally sanctioned union between a man and a woman915 reduction in mortality risk for married men and womenCOHABITATION p 1935060 of all marriages are now preceded by cohabitationCohabitation effectgreater likelihood for a married couple to break up if they cohabitate before they get engagedoExperience greater unhappiness during the period which they live under the same roof after their marriageAlso a rise of cohabitating couples with childrenSAMESEX COUPLES p 194Compared with heterosexual couples the dynamic with samesex couples is the sameoExcept that samesex couples share more of the household tasksDIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE p 195Approximately 10 off the US adult population is divorcedAverage length prior to divorce is 8 yearsBlack women between the ages of 2544 have higher divorce rates than Hispanic or White womenThe older a woman is when she marries the lower probability that she will be divorcedDivorce pronenesspeople who are more likely to contemplate divorce when their marriage is in troubleoMay have a long history of difficultiesin the area of intimacyMediation is increasingly being seen as an effective means of reducing conflict andhence improving childrens adjustmentWIDOWHOOD p 196Widowhood EffectoGreater probability of death in those who have become widowed compared to those who are marriedoMen seem particularly vulnerable to depression and death after the death of their wives
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