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PSYC 391
Kim Bartholomew

Psyc 391- Ch 5 pg 147-156 • Erotophobia= revulsion toward erotic stimuli, tendency to experience negative emotional rxns when exposed to sexual situations/info/imgs • Erotophilia= liking for erotic stimuli, tendency to experience positive emotional rxns when exposed to sexual things o These 2 the extremes on a range • 1 factor to influence sexual behaviour is indiv’s tendency to respond to sexual cues w/typical types of emotions o Byrne said this term “evaluative, attitudinal sets” o Authoritarianism correlated w/erotophobia-erotophilia  If strongly authoritarian are strongly devoted to tradition and maintaining status quo so react negatively to behaviour that’s contrary to accepted standards, are intolerant of sexual openness and expression (erotophobic) • Erotophobic ppl score higher on sex guilt (tendency to experience negative feelings about socially unacceptable behaviour o Erotophobia/philia related to nature of family environment experiences during childhood/adolescence  Erotophobia associated w/reports of parental strictness about sex, sex related guilt, fears, inhibitions, conservative attitudes as well as avoidance of masturbation, erotica and (at least for women) multiple premarital partners • Parents also less likely to give children straightfwd answers to questions about sex and provide less info  Erotophobia/philia linked to rxn of indivs to own sexual experiences before 16 years old • Ppl w/largely positive feelings about early experiences had higher scores on erotophilia (so more erotophilic as adults that ppl w/negative and mixed feelings about early sexual experiences) • Erotophobic women and men masturbate less and have less sexual experience and fewer sexual partners o Erotophilic ppl believe items purchased help w/sex life compared w/erotophobic ppl o Erotophilic ppl believe their way of life helps then to attract sexual partners and that their possessions help contrib. To their sexual enjoyment • Erotophobic women report less sexual interest, behaviour, satisfaction and experimentation during pregnancy than erotophilic F o Also erotophobic men engage in less frequent masturbation and sexual behaviour than erotophilic men o Erotophobic F delay sex after birth too, masturbate less, less likely to breastfeed o Erotophobic women use contraception less consistently (general lack of knowledge)  Greater discomfort w/subject so less interested in getting involved/all the info so more likely persuaded by illogical/irrelevant things in making decisions  Emotional inhibition hypothesis: negative emotions about sexuality cause lower levels of sexual behaviour and contraception • Negative feelings RE sexual issues inhibit expression of sexuality • Inhibition causes probs when negative emotions not strong enough to prevent sexual behaviour yet they’re strong enough to prevent contraceptive behaviour • Erotophobic ppl link sexual concepts more strongly w/other negative concepts, believe that pregnancy is less likely to result from sexual behaviour, and are less influenced by negative outcomes thought to result from unplanned pregnancy o Findings indicated that difs in processing info cause erotophobic ppl to believe that sexual behaviour is less risky than erotophilic indivs • Erotophobic women examines selves for breast cancer less often and feel less competent when shown how o Erotophilic women think instruction better understood for self breast
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