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Chapter 14

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STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 14 Describing Relationships Scatterplots and CorrelationPrinciples that guide our work 1 First plot the data then add numerical summaries 2 Look for overall patterns and deviations from those patterns 3 When the overall pattern is quite regular there is sometimes a way to describe it very brieflyScatterplotsThe most common way to display the relation between two quantitative variables is a scatterplotA scatterplot shows the relationship between two quantitative variables measured on the same individuals o The values of one variable appear on the horizontal axis and the values of the other variable appear on the vertical axis o Each individual in the data appears as the point in the plot fixed by the values of both variables for that individualAlways plot the explanatory variable if there is one on the horizontal axis of a scatterplotIf there is no explanatory response distinction either variable can go on the horizontal axisThe response variable y Interpreting scatterplotsLook for the overall pattern and for striking deviationsfrom that patternYou can describe the overall pattern of a scat
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