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Chapter 2

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 101
Rick Routledge

CHAPTER 2 Measuring the Mean (Average) ̅  Add their values and divide by the number of observations Measuring the Median (Center)  Arrange all observations in order of size from smallest to largest Mean vs. Median  The mean and median of a roughly symmetric distribution are close together  If the distribution is exactly symmetric, the mean and median are exactly the same  In a skewed distribution, the mean is usually father out in the long tail than the median Measuring the Quartiles  Order the observations in increasing order and locate the median  First quartile – the middle of the left side of the median  Lower quartile – the middle of the right side of the median Five number summary  A distribution consisting of the: - Smallest observation - First quartile - Median - Third quartile - Largest observation Boxplot  Central box span of the first and third quartile  Line in the box marks the median  Lines extend from the box out to the smallest and largest observation - Boxplots show less detail than histograms and stemplots, best used for side-by-side comparison of multiple distributions Spotting Suspected Outliers  Interquartile range (IQR) – the distance between the first and third quartile  IQR = -  1.5 x IQR  Finding potential outliers Example: IQR = 27.5 1.5 x IQR = 1.5 x 27.5 = 41.25 Any values that does not fall between – (1.5 x IQR) = 15.0 – 41.25 = -26.25 – (1.5 x IQR) = 42.5 + 41.25 = 83.75 are suspected outliers Measurin
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