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Chapter 5

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ANTH 1010H
Jocelyn Williams

Anthropology Chapter 5 Summary – Human Interaction with Environment - The significance of mitochondrial DNA lies in the fact that it is passed unchanged each generation from mother to daughter - Many species are ‘ring species,’ which means that adjacent populations can interbreed but nonadjacent ones cannot - Systems with high resilience but low stability may undergo continual and profound changes but still continue to exist as a system - Systems with high stability but low resilience, on the other hand, may show little change when suffering some disturbances but then collapse suddenly - The most resilient ecosystems are resilient only to a point – beyond which they collapse - Population ecology, or demography, is a field that describes the dynamics of population growth, decline, and change in age and sex structure - What are its relationships with the rest of the living world? How are particular behaviours characteristic of this population related to its place in the ecosystem? - Human-dominated ecosystems are considerably less resilie
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