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Chapter 26

PSYC 3610H Chapter Notes - Chapter 26: Abusive Power And Control

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PSYC 3610H
Shawn Carter

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Chapter 26 Helping Develop Self Control
Self Control
individual deliberately alters or changes their beh. to achieve a
specific goal
Causes of Self-Control Problems:
Problems of Behavioral Excess
Problems of Behavioral Deficits
Problems of Behavioral Excess
Doing too much of something
If the immediate reinforcement overrides the delayed punisher
(at pitcher of beer override the delay punishing hangover)
If the immediate reinforcement overrides the unnoticeable
immediate neg. effects that are only cumulatively significant
(overeating cause of a prob over time, not all at once)
If self-control involves the choice between 2 behaviors, both
with positive outcomes, the one immediately reinforcing wins
Problems of Behavioral Deficits
Doing too little of something
If the behavior leads to immediate small punishers and the
reinforcement is only cumulatively significant (exercising)
If the beh. leads to an immediate small punisher and the major
punisher if the behavior does not occur is improbable (not
wearing a helmet)
Behavior Model for Self-Control
Clear specification of the problem as a beh. to be controlled
Application of behavioral techniques to manage the problem
Emitting a controlling behavior to effect a change in a behavior
to be controlled
Society teaches us controlling behaviors
Steps in Self Control Program
1. Specify the Problem and Set goals
2. Make a commitment to change
3. Conduct assessment (when, where, how does the beh occur)
4. Design and implement a treatment plan
If the beh. is simple-Manage the Antecedents
(instructions, modeling, physical guidance, surroundings,
other ppl, time of day, motivating operations)
If the beh is complex-Manage the Behavior
Manage the consequences (eliminate reinforcers that
inadvertently strengthen the beh.)
5. Prevent relapse an make your gains last
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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