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Cell Biology
Bryan Hogeveen

1 2 The importance of unit conversions! Bonding in metals Fig 9.2c Bizarro By Dan Piraro Metal atoms in a sample pool their valence electrons into a sea of electrons that flows between and around each metal core, thus attracting them together. Electrons in metallic bonding are not localized Read 12.7 till and including p. 461 (electronic as in covalent bonding materialli,ucrystalcse,ramicaterials) but are rather delocalized, 12.12,.2 moving freely throughout Practice PS #6. You can solve questions 1–5, 7–11 the metal sample. 3 4 nd Some typical metal properties. 2 unit MO energy diagram for Li 2 * Malleable can be pounded into thin sheets LUMO s Ductile can form a wire Conduct electricity and heat 2A 2B HOMO s strong bonds non–directional E  s Hard to separate atoms Yet easy to move them 1sA 1sB Fig 9.29 s Main ideas: AOs split to form MOs. Number of MOs = number of AOs. HOMO and LUMO notation 5 6 2 2 6 2 2 Instead of two Li atoms interacting, consider 1 mole of Magtom 1s 2s 2p 3s or [Ne] 3s – Li atoms that interact together. n = 1 and n = 2 core e (not interested) See fig. 12.37
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