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Chapter 4

Chapter Four Lecture Notes for PSYCO104

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Geoff Hollis

_U[[YŵŴŸÊWZ_[^SZV W^UW\`[Z WZ_S`[Z O W`WU`[Z[X\_US WZW^YTS_WZ_W[^YSZ W^UW\`[Z O ’a^Z`W^\^W`S`[Z[X^Sc_WZ_[^Z\a` _U[\_U_ O W_`aV[X[c_WZ_S`[Z_S^W`a^ZWVZ`[\W^UW\`[Z_ O [W]aW_`[Z_S\_U[\_U_`SS_ 4 xS`_`WZaVW`WU`ST W_WZ_S`[Z 4 xS`_`WZaVW`WU`ST WVXXW^WZUWTW`cWWZ`c[_WZ_S`[Z_ T_[a`W^W_[V O xS`_`WZaVW`WU`ST W_[a^UW[X Y` O __S]aW_`[ZST[a`ST_[ a`W`^W_[ V O _U[\_U_`_W\ [`^WWW`[V_X[^SZ_cW^ZY`__[^`[X]aW_`[Z 4 W`[V[X `_ 4 W`[V[XSVa_`WZ`_ 4 W`[V[XU[Z_`SZ`_`a W`[V[X`_ O ^W_WZ`S_WZ_S`[ZWS` Y`\^W__a^WW`USZVSW_S ZU^WWZ`_`[` W`W^U[Z`Za[a_ ZU^WS_ZY[^U[Z`ZaS VWU^WS_ZY`_Z`WZ_` O _`W\S^`U\SZ``[Z[`WcWZ`W\W^UW\`[Z[X`S`_WZ_S`[ZV_S\\WS^_ W`[V[XVa_`WZ` O [c`W\S^`U\SZ``[U[Z`^[ `WZ`WZ_`[XS_WZ_S`[ZSZVSVa_```[S\[Z` cW^W`_a_`TS^W VW`WU`ST WWYT`a^ZZYSZ[T[ZS S\ W`[V[X[Z_`SZ``a O ^W_WZ`_WZ_S`[Z_[ZWS`S`WZ^SZV[[^VW^[XZ`WZ_`WYVXXW^WZ` Z`WZ_`W_[XST^Y` Y` O WbS aWS`cU`W_`a a__VW`WU`T WŹŴ![X`W`W_`W ` _U^W\SZUW_ O ’VV WSUW`[V`WZV_`[YbWSVXXW^WZ`W_`S`W[XSZST_[ a`W`^W_[ V 4 W`[V[XSVa_`WZ` [cW^`SZ 4 W`[V[XU[Z_`SZ``a [cW^`SZ 4 W`[V[X `_ O x 4 SUW`[V\^[bVW_SVXXW^WZ`\S_`_`[^SZVS__aUWSU\^[bVW_ VXXW^WZ``^W_[ V_\W[\ W"_U[Z`^[ SZV_aU W S`bW W^UW\`[Z O ÿ``a^Z_[a`Ua^^WZ`\W^UW\`[Z_^W S`bW`[\^Wb[a_\W^UW\`[Z 4 Y$[ZYX^[SVS^^[[Z`[_aZ Y`SW_`W_aZ_WWT^Y`W^`SZ `SU`aS _ 4 Wc_WY[ZYX^[ST^Y` `^[[Z`[SVS^^[[SW_`ZY__WW VW^`SZ`WS^W O -[ccW\W^UWbW`Wc[^ VVW\WZV_[Z\^[^U[Z`W%`SZV\W^UW\`[Z_ W_`S` _U[[Y O ’T_W^bS`[Z 4 W^UW\`[Z_Z[`W^W SS``W^[XcU_WZ_S`[Z_S^W\^W_WZ` 4 W^UW\`[ZS _[VW\WZV_[Z[c`[_W_WZ_S`[Z_S^W[^YSZ&WV O $W_`S `\_U[ [Y_S__`a S`[ZZ[`_WZ_S`[Z_\^[UW__WV'S_Sc[ W( O `a S`[Z_Z"`\^[UW__WVZ`W^_[X`_\S^`__WZ_S`[Z_ O `a S`[Z_\^[UW__WVS_)`)_)[^YSZ&WV \\S^WZ` [`[Z O xWZ`W ZW_S `W^ZS`WSZVS^WU [_W` [[_ WS_ZY W ZW[bZYTSUSZV X[^` O xWZ`W ZW_S^WXS^S\S^`` [[_ W`c[_W\S^S`WT ZZY ZW_ O xWZ[ZW ZW_^[`S`WV`W ZW_V[Z"`SbW`[TWS_XS^S\S^``[S\\WS^_W\S^S`W O -[c_WZ_S`[Z_S^W[^YSZ&WVS``W^_X[^cS`_\W^UWbWV $W_`S `_ O $W_`S ` _U[ [Y_`_Z[`UWV`S``W^WcW^WSZ[^YSZ&S`[Z_[X_`a `S` WSV`[bW^_\WUXU\W^UW\`[Z_SZV`cS_`W\S^`Ua S^[^YSZ&S`[ZS \S``W^Z `S`S``W^WV[^W`SZ`WZVbVaS _`a O S^` 4 ÿXS _S\W_S^WVWZ`US `c [[ WSY^VTa`XWbW^[`W^U[ aZ_ _]aS^W_`WZ`c TW\W^UWbWVS_U[ aZ_ O ^[%` 4 ÿX`W_S\W_S^WU [_W^`[YW`W^[^&[Z`S `SZ`WS^WbW^`US `W c TW\W^UWbWVS_^[c_ $W_`S ` _U[ [Y O W$W_`S `_S^YaWV`S`[^YSZ&S`[Z_`WXaZVSWZ`S aZ`[X\W^UW\`[Z O Y`VXXW^WZUW_`[[c_`a cW^W[^YSZ&WVU[a VWSZbW^ S^YWVXXW^WZUW_ `[\W^UW\`[Z O `^aU`a^S _cSZ`WV`[Z[c`WTS_UaZ`_Ta`$W_`S `\_U_SV`S``S`V[W_ Z[`S``W^`_`W[^YSZ&S`[Z[X`[_WaZ`_`S`U^WS`W\W^UW\`[Z [\[cZXXWU`_ O a_XS^cWSbW`S WVST[a`\W^UW\`[ZS_S'Ta VZYT [U(__`W O WUWbW_WZ_S`[Z_[TZW_WZ_S`[Z_ W^UWbW O -[cWbW^\W^UW\`[Z_Z[`aZV^WU`[ZS O W^UW\`[ZUSZS _[TWZX aWZUWVX^['`W`[\V[cZ(WT`[aY`ÈU[YZ`[Z O xWU[Z__`WZ` `^`[\[_W[a^\^Wb[a_Z[c WVYW[X`Wc[^ V`[Z`W^\^W`[a^ Ua^^WZ`_`a O %\W^WZ` 4 S^`U\SZ`_S^W`[ V`[^W\[^``WU[ [^_[X`W_S\W_`W_WW 4 S\W_S^W\^W_WZ`WVbW^XS_` 4 $^[a\ŵ`[ V`Wc _WWS`^SZY WSZ[bS SZVSU^U W 4 $^[a\Ŷ`[ V`Wc _WWSUS^^[`S SWSZVScWW 4 [W`W_Y^[a\ŵU[ZXa_W_cU_S\W_S^WcUU[ [^_ 4 $^[a\ŶV[W_Z[` O W[\ WS _[`WZV`[[bW^ [[cS`_Z[`W%\WU`WV[^aZa_aS [ZU a_[Z O xS`_`WW__SYWX[^`_ WU`a^W 4 [Z`W%`S``W^_X[^\W^UW\`[Z O xWa_aS X^SW\W^UW\`[ZS_TWZYX[^WVX^['Ta VZYT [U_([^_WZ_S`[Z_ O $W_`S `\_U[ [Y_`_TW WbW`W'Ta VZYT [U(S\\^[SU_ZU[^^WU``a S`[Z S_`[TWU[Z_VW^WV'S_Sc[ W( O W^UW\`[Z_[X`WZ[^WST[a`[c`ZY_^W S`WV`SZcS`_TWZY_WZ_WV WW ZS`[ O ÿSYW_S^W\^[WU`WV[Z`[`W^W`ZSSZV `WZ_WZ``[`WT^SZbS`W[\`UZW^bW O W`ZSS_`c[`\W_[X^WUW\`[^_ 4 [V_ m [`[^WUW\`[^_`S`USZZ[` VW`WU`U[ [^SZVS^W\[[^S` \UZYa\VW`S Ta`S^W S``aZWV`[[`[ZWS^W TW``W^S`\UZYa\\[`[Z_ `SZU[ZW_ m [V_S^W[^WVWZ_W[Z`W WVYW_[^\W^\W^[X[a^ b_[Z m SZ^[V_U[ZZWU``[[ZWZ`W^ZWa^[Z 4 [ZW_ m [`[^WUW\`[^_`S`USZVW`WU`U[ [^SZVXZWVW`S Ta`S^W\[[^S` VW`WU`ZY[`[Z m [ZW_S^WU[ZUWZ`^S`WVS``WX[bWSSZVV^[\[XXS``WWVYW_ m W]a^W_[^W\[`[Z_`[TWSU`bS`WV m ’ZWZWa^[Z\W^U[ZW O ZV\[` 4 W^W_SZS^WS[Z[a^^W`ZSS``W_`W[X`W[\`UZW^bWcW^WcWSbWZ[ ^[V_[^U[ZW_ aT ZS W__SYW_ O SZZX[^S`[Z\^W_WZ`WV`[a_Ta``S`cWS^WZ[`U[Z_U[a_ ScS^W[XUSZYW [a^TWSb[^ O %S\ W_ 4 aT ZS W^_aS_[Z m [_aT ZS `S\W_c[^ m $^WWZcS VW`S ŵ--ŵ W`[V S^`U\SZ`__W X)W_`WWcS_WS_a^WVbSS]aW_`[ZZS^W
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