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Chapter 5

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Alison Dunwoody

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February 13, 2014 Labelling Perspectives Continued… -Cultural Criminology -Focuses on crime as a cultural, rather than a legal, construct -five basic tenants -how crime is a felt phenomenon -failure, frustration, security/insecurity, the search for excitement -the thrill of engagement and the risk of getting caught -pleasure vs./and panic mode -Draws our attention to the underlife -the underlife resists the conformist attitudes and argues against mindlessly accepting the status quo -when we do mindlessly accept the status quo it severly limits our freedom -Interested in rule-breaking that challenges the justness of laws -moral entrepreneurs who are fighting the legitimacy of certain laws -proposes a methodology founded upon the concept of attentive gaze -to get out and live like the people who experience crime do, to immerse yourself as a researcher in the environments crime exist in -produces dangerous knowledge -the knowledge is dangerous because it questions all existing knowledge, everything that we take to be true and concrete, cultural criminology will question. -excessively questioning of so-called expert knowledge -seeks to make more valid marginalized knowledge -marginalized knowledge considered as the knowledge of those who actually commit c
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