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Chapter 4

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Alison Dunwoody

“Lost in the struggle” – a particular neighborhood in Toronto, the structural disorganization, spend time with 3 youth, with a high crime rate. - Mostly arrests were youth - Kids in tough neighborhood - Chucky – youth crime row, procession of illegal weapon, and dangerous weapons 1. I sell drugs only because I don't live off my mom, I don’t feel proud of what I do, but I have no choice. I have a gun; I only use it when I need to. 2. His mom is rarely home. Because she had to work hard at low pay jobs 3. Chucky started to hang out with gang associated friends, start from chilling to fighting etc. 4. Survival is the key 5. Chunky started to sell his tracks, around the neighborhood. 6. Started to write his own music 7. He realizes he’s too deep into it. However he got robbed by 9 guys. He knows his attackers, but he didn't know they will involve his family 8. After that night, he wanted to be good, and stop selling drugs, and stop hanging out with bad crowds. 9. Chucky still looks back at his life, and wears his bullet proof vest. 10. Expelled for bringing a real gun and a BB gun 11. For a long time, he’s packing gun again, to protect his mother, when he tries to do something good, bad things will always bring them back. 12. Chucky has to go to his supplier to make money. 13. He thought doing youth talks he thought of as a joke, but now he feel it's a serious. He shares his own experiences with the young kids. 14. Pride is something can throw you off the track 15. Chucky lives with the code, that he need to regulate the people’s that are too cocky 16. Chucky has to get the money for his supplier, about $1600, Burnet didn't want to pay back the money. Burnet doesn't want to be work with someone else. 17. Chucky borrowed the money from his brother to pay the debt. He didn't want to go to him because all of the things they have gone through Andrew Burnet- relate tight with chucky 1. Tons of Assault charges 2. He can’t find any jobs, hustling drugs to survive. Can’t find jobs. 3. You need a gun to survive. 4. Robbing a coke dealer or others to get survive 5. He had a dozen of assault, bad temper. ( a father disowned him, and his school system) 6. His mother called the police to teach Burnet a lesson with using a
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