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Chapter 11

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ANTH 311
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Chapter 11Community EcologyPrimate CommunitiesBox 111 Primates and ParasitesNiche DivergencePolyspecific Associations Foraging Benefits Predator Protection PredatorPrey InteractionsBox 112 Predatory PerspectivesPrimates as PredatorsPrimates as Prey PrimatePlant InteractionsPollinationSeed Dispersal Conservation of CommunitiesSpecialists Generalists and Social ResponsesPreserving DiversityIn this chapter which also overlaps with the Community Ecology lecture the relationship between primate species and other species in the ecosystem are discussedThese other species could be sympatric primates other competitors predators prey parasites plants etcBox 111 addresses the role of parasites as an important force of natural selection acting on primates under different conditions The section on Primate Communities addresses the situation of primate species living sympatrically in ranges that overlap with other primates including how clumped abundant food resources can attract many primate species to the same tree and lead to interspecies
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