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ENGG 349
Craig Johansen

$qtu*. fo+r.io' @ Chapter13,Problem27 lqq\b i-q+ &)aY A 10lb blocksattachedoanunsffetchedringfconstantZ.for k=l}lb/ri.. coefficients-ofdkineticictbetweenhe atisg(aczT,",' blocknd thelanarQ..6-fd(0.4d,spectively.yce-Fis appliedtheblockntilieensibn'in tee theletreforemingoa stop,whethereblockillhenove ]L tC ,\bl:ktoeright' Kv (+{ )*'=luto,t, AtO 'o4{t'\b(ookisbe,^5pl\rd IqY ":0.{.Ci"\u; 20 lb X =4lb Ft' ^{' -aK = lr41 Yo ,1.8'l l | J I f X=s'o9.3?> Qlb __'{-tA f= =.1.,q (c o {'9) = I : N lal\" la> c a Y() \:: ^ Nr'( s.\ '-{'et .Nx -[ ffi-LepingiUniversitYalgarY \\\ps \ \"(0 P')v 2012 ENGG3491-04ekofctober2 tss N d r\, Fztl 'fu k-!( JL--: L4tr l -J't" tti, otf ,a.,V{( d*ct"tt-^u l Chapter 13,Problem 30 6\or'tU1 ,P",W C rod betweenprings an,B. fi6cdlarlsoushedo;tgrittunttspngiinscomoressed2in. i f---f;'|r'I-- a"dreleased, determinedistanceouqwhichthe collarl 'rI Ihrt I Ifr-.- traveassuming(a)no frictionweenthe collardtherod, -rbe*tJ- =.',' @';#il;;;of fricrio-'-.35. t.=i,ilt,ii,,=til],.,i,,-: eh"rulti ttqV{*r a-"ir-o.(u s.{r I .[tonD \,trr4; 1-g rutto.ltd B W { rrlvrK{onn s1n*6 r,l+oB: O,iuG Y ++.n wiii bo.prn(,"*r+ Xin ^Jaanx bw* cfisg{.,r.t-,*'l Jf+ ,{tq F = =rna \^I",'ttadr)-+CI?1(l.,n) -.. r*rl\Sh? 84 rOoO ftl s aasulz A ft=- 3YG{t +1>- 7tz 3a.{ q6mFrr. ------ 3l <4t1 no{r/(+d -, t'+ t"U.$*f s LepinLt:UniversofCalgary 2012 ENGG34L01-l)week Octobe22 Chapter13,Problem57 Al.!$ :gllCmayslide witfrictalonahorizontal rod. Iisattundeformed leIfuowingnsta/c=400N/mand ()fryresintheositishowudetermine ma:rimum spitd \wilreacin tensungmotion. [.-,.i,,* r.rm-J 6'tSr"- Ttr* .l.l i/,Ot) o Vt= a-lce4+rc tt=<> Ac: *@+ ls,r.: 3zS..{** A=0-3?S-Ol$:o. lrsu; CO:l\3 rn A: o.o(lll ?e s*Kxa BV=lsc.n 6=-O fT) J Cqoo) (o.rrslq + o0a2r) = ).ovulr Tp = [rz Q 4Cual.2) \/ ------E \h - r-,,iac,s ./i\fl- AD-ts DA( 6c0.t ze& Cphlv o{ a^e/V) frut = T+-tVr +6*vva ]'u ''t = li.l , V: lo-la /: I*pingUniversofCalgary 2012 ENGG3L01-Mweek Octob22 Chapter13,Problem62 Z! '-tu
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