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Chapter 16

Spradley Ch. 16 Summary

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ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

Chapter 16 SummaryGurani made living by gardening and hunting but also made money from selling goods from the forestEx leaves of the wild yerbamate plant which is sold to southern South America and brewed in a caffeinated infusion They found a way to mine the forest for its wealth without destroying the resources they depended on Ranchers and farmers from Brazil to Indonesia clear cut and burn forests and bushes and build roads for economic development Guarani offered a proven model for sustainable tropical forest development They used their resources to have access on the world marketplace without destroying forests Horticulturalists low population densities widely scattered communities Focused on slash and burn agriculture and foraging and less on the forest 30 500 Guarani remain They are the remnants of an ethnic group that over 400 years ago dominated BrazilParaguayGrandfather was groups religious leader not authority but lots of respect Brothers hunted together Food was distributed among members of the extended family Emphasized general welfare not personal wealth shared with those who had less They thought of themselves as the forests they named children after forest songbirds Collected forest products to sell to outsiders without causing environmental damage Slash and burn cut down trees male burn fallen trees wife and children to create an ash that provided a powerful fertilizer for the thin forest soils Once
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