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10 Apr 2012
Chapter 14
Sexuality and Gender Stratification
Sex vs Gender
- Sex refers to anatomical and physiological attributes and gender refers to learned cultural and
psychological attributes
- More men approve of casual sex, when having sex, more men have orgasms, men seek out sex
more often, they start having sex at an earlier age and have a higher number of partners over a
lifetime than women, and men like sex for its own sake, whereas women express a need for
emotional intimacy and are more selective
- Males are interested at spreading their genes around and women are more selective because
they incur a greater investment due to the higher maintenance required to ensure that each
child will survive on its own
- 77% in a study considered the male and female sex drives to be equally strongfemale sexuality
is often suppressed and denigrated
- Under postindustrial conditions, the long range trend toward decreased fertility and womens
growing economic status undoubtedly will impact mating strategieswomen are pregnant on
average less than 5 percent of their adult lives and are slowly gaining parity with men in the
- In Mangaia, people are very silent and private about sex but participate enthusiastically in it
regardless before puberty and premarital, average girl will have 3 to 4 sexual partners between
the ages of 13 to 20 and boys may have 10 or more
- Young men are expected to have 3 to 4 orgasms per night
- There is no romantic love or sexual attraction (or so the boys say)
- In Inis Nead, sex is showed in guilt and sin, regarded as a duty women must perform for their
husbands, women remain passive during sex, minimal foreplay, sometimes some rough fondling
of the buttocks and some kissing, husbands always initiate and reach orgasm as quickly as
possible, and they keep their underwear on and turn off the lights
Restrictive vs. Permissive Cultures
- Greater restrictions on premarital sex occur in societies stratified by class, where inheritance
and property rights belong to men
- Stratified societies with differential wealth are concerned with preventing their children from
marrying beneath them
- Control over female sexuality is a way of controlling paternity
- Sexually permissive societies tend to be kin-based, with corporate ownership of land and
minimal property inheritance
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