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University of Guelph
BIOL 1500
Marie Therese Rush

Unit 1 – Introduction and Academic Integrity Academic Integrity Academic integrity- code of ethics for teachers, students, researchers and writers (commitment to honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility) Academic misconduct- behavior that erodes the basis of mutual trust Distance Education Handbook- guide to online distance education Name-year system of referencing- includes author and yearn in brackets in the text and lists the references in alphabetical order in a reference list Reference- acknowledging source of each piece of info obtained from other researchers and writer Misappropriation of Others Work: Plagiarism- misrepresenting work as your own without giving credit ( ideas, words, data, computer programming) Copying Unauthorized co-operation or collaboration- helping others complete an assignment Misrepresentation and Fraud: Impersonation- having someone impersonates oneself (in person or electronically) Falsification- submit false or fraudulent assignments, research, credentials(lab results or data, false medical letters, false letters of support or reference, altering graded work for re-submission) Withholding- offense to withhold records, transcripts or other achedemic documents with the intent to mislead or gain unfair academic advantage Unauthorized aids and assistance- using or possessing unauthorized aid or assistance Improper Access and Obstruction: Preventing access to materials- offense to alter, destroy, hide, remove without authorization Obstruction and interference- Improper access- through theft, bribery, collusion Improper dissemination- offense to publish, disseminate or make public to third party without prior written consent, confidential informatio(academic information, data which is not public) Aiding and Abetting: Aiding and abetting- knowingly aiding or abetting anyone committing achedemic misconduct Penalties of Academic Misconduct: -requirement to submit new or alternative piece of work -rescinding of University-funded scholarships or bursaries -partial or total loss of marks on the exam/assignment -partial or total loss of marks in course in which offense occurred -suspension from the University for period of between one and six consecutive semesters -recommendation for expulsion from the university -recommendation for revocation/rescinding of a de
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