BIOL 1500 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Flour, Binge Eating, Carbohydrate

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Terms and Concepts Explanation Example
Anorexia Self starvation BMI less than 18.5
Antioxidants Certain vitamins and other
substances that protect the
body from the damaging
effects of free radicals
Body mass index (BMI) Calculation using height
and weight to determine a
number that correlates to ab
estimate of a person’s
amount of body fat with
health risks.
Bulimia Binge eating followed by
Eating a lot in one day and
throwing it up to prevent the
fat from reaching your body
Calorie Amount of energy required
to raise the temperature of
one gram of water by 1
degree Celsius
Body is 75% water.
Carbohydrates Energy rich molecule that is
the major source of energy
for the cell, consists of
carbon, hydrogen and
oxygen in ratio CH2O
Sugars and starches
Cholesterol A steroid found in animal
cell membranes that affects
membrane fluidity.
Precursor to estrogen and
Complete proteins Dietary protein that
contains all the essential
amino acids
Complex carbohydrates Carbohydrate consisting of
2 or more monosaccharides
White flour
Dehydration Loss of water
Diabetes Disorder of carbohydrate
metabolism characterized
by impaired ability to
produce or respond to the
hormone insulin
Enzyme Protein that catalyzes and
regulates the rate of
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