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Chapter 7

CLAS 2000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Stheno, Lernaean Hydra, Thaumas

Classical Studies
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CLAS 2000
John Walsh

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Chapter 7: Poseidon, Sea Deities, Group Divinities,
And Monsters
Peleus And Thetis
Pontus (sea) mated with Ge (earth) and had Nereus, who mated with Doris (and
Oceanid) and had 50 daughters (the Nereids), and the 3 important mermaids of those
were Thetis, Galatea, and Amphitrite
Zeus avoided mating with Thetis as she was destined to bear a son mightier than his
father, so she married Peleus instead who was a mortal
Thetis had the power of changing shape and transforming herself into variety of
states in rapid succession, but eventually was forced to stop
Thetis and Peleus got married and had a son, Achilles, who did end up mightier than
his father
Thetis later left Peleus
Acis, Galatea, And The Cyclops Polyphemus
Polyphemus (a Cyclops and son of Poseidon) loved Galatea (a Nereid), but she was
repelled by his attention and instead loved Acis (son of Faunus) and Symaethis (a
Polyphemus decided to change his savage looks in order to win over Galatea but
combing his hair and cut his beard, but she was always with her love Acis, and he
would sing to her
-ends up trying to kill Acis, but when he gets buried in the stream, he turns into a
river-god and survives
Poseidon and Amphitrite
Amphitrite is the wife of Poseidon and sister of Thetis
he cheats on her a lot like Zeus does on Hera which makes her angry and vengeful
they have a son named Triton, a merman and human
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