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Chapter 6

CLAS 2000 Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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University of Guelph
Classical Studies
CLAS 2000
John Walsh

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Chapter 6: The Nature Of The Gods And Greek Religion Anthropomorphism gods are seen as human in form and character, but their beauty is beyond mortals, their passion more grand and intense, their sentiments more praiseworthy and touching, and they can embody and impose the loftiest moral values in the universe • can also mirror physical and spiritual weaknesses of humans such as, can be lame and deformed or vain, petty, insecure, steal, lie, and cheat they eat and drink, but their food is ambrosia and their wine is nectar Ichor, substance clearer than blood, flows in their veins able to move with amazing speed and dexterity, appear and disappear in a moment, and change shapes at their will have unlimited power and superhuman knowledge, and are immortal The Divine Hierarchy demigods are a superior human with the union of god and mortal heroes are sometimes demigods, but not always, and are honoured due to the spiritual intensity of their lives and miraculous nature of their deaths, and become associated with powers of earth that can be exerted to bless or curse beyond the grave Gorgons or Harpies, are wondrous and terrible creations divine spirits animate nature, and are usually nymphs,
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