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Chapter 4

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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000

Chapter 4 – Application software: programs that let you work and play Productivity Software for Home and Office - Productivity software includes programs that enable you to perform various tasks required at home, school, and business. - Word Processing Software: - Most students use word processing software to create and edit documents - Most widely used application - Open source software is program code that is publicly available and has few restrictions - How do I control the way my documents look? - Advantage of word processing software is you can easily create professional looking documents with extensive formatting available. - What special tools do word processing documents have? - find-and-replace tool that allows you to search for text in your document and automatically replace it with other text - translate words and phrases into another language - Spreadsheet Software - Why do I use spreadsheet software? - Enables you to do calculations and numerical analyses easily - Evaluate different scenarios - How do I use spreadsheet software? - Individual boxes are called cells - Text – any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces - Values – numerical data that represent a quantity or amount - Formulas – equations that you build yourself using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - Functions – formulas that are preprogrammed into the spreadsheet software - The primary benefit of spreadsheet software is its ability to recalculate all functions and formulas in the spreadsheet automatically when values for some of the inputs change - The what-if analysis is when you test different assumptions in the same analysis - Are spreadsheets used for anything besides financial analysis? - there are so many powerful functions that they can be used for serious numerical analyses or stimulations - Presentation software - What software do I use to create presentations? - Produce high quality presentations without any training - Prezi uses a larger canvas which allows you to zoom into finer details and zoom out to broader topics. - Database Software - How can I use database software? - Powerful applications that allow you to store and organize data - Manage larger and more complicated groups of data that contain more than one table ; to group, sort, and retrieve data; and to generate reports - Organized into fields, records, and tables - Field – data category such a first name, last name, and street address - Record – a collection of related fields - Table – groups related records - Note taking software - Is there software to help with note taking? - OneNote allows you to write the handwritten notes directly onto the tablet and convert it to digital text - Organize team and other collaborative projects - Personal Information Manager Software (PIM) - Strive to replace the management tools found on a traditional desk – calendar, address book, notepad, and to-do-list. - Email management software allowing them to send, receive, and organize emails. - Are there web-based PIM? - Google syncs with outlook by logging into a Google account giving you access to your schedule anywhere you have a computer - Toodledo is an effective to-do manager that syncs with your Smartphone and desktop so you always have your tasks at hand - Productivity Software Features - A wizard is a systematic guide that walks you through the steps necessary to complete a complicated task - A template is a predesigned form – included in many productivity applications – provide a basic structure for any type of document, spreadsheet, or presentation - A macro is a small program that groups a series of commands so they will run as a single command – used to automate a routine task or complex series of commands - Software Suites - A software suite is a group of software programs that have been bundled as a package - Most productivity software suites contain similar basic components such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and PIM software - It is cheaper to buy a software suite then it is to buy each program individually - Personal financial software - Tax preparation software enable you to prepare your state and federal taxes on your own - Financial planning software helps you manage your daily finances - Mint and Yodlee MoneyCenter are web-based programs that are great at tracking your daily spending habits and offer solutions to manage spending better Business Software for Home and Office - Home Business Software - Accounting software allows small businesses to manage their finances more efficiently by providing tools for tracking accounts receivable and payable - Inventory management, payroll, and billing tools - Desktop publishing (DTP) software allows you to incorporate and arrange graphics in your documents in creative ways - DTP programs also include features that allow you to publish to the web - Web page authorizing software allows even the novice to design interesting and interactive web pages without knowing an HTML code - Large Business Software - Project management software, such as Microsoft project, helps project managers create and modify scheduling charts which help them plan and track specific tasks and coordinate personnel resources - Customer relationship management (CRM) software stores sales and client contact information in one central database – used to get in touch and follow up with clients - Enterprise
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