CIS Chapter 1 Notes

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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter one Why Should You Become Computer Literate y Computers are everywhere and are used daily even when we dont realize it paying with credit card y Become familiar enough with computers so you know the limitations and capabilities of them o Benefits include use computer more wisely easier to find jobs bc are desired take advantage of future technologies Becoming a Savvy Computer User and Consumer y Avoid hackers and viruses y Protect your privacy y Understand the real risks y Using the internet and web wisely y Avoid online annoyances spam y aintain upgrade and troubleshoot your computerBeing Prepared for Your Careery Information technology IT is a field of study focused on managing and processing information and the automatic retrieval of information y Help perform job more effectively ore desirable employee y Computers in Todays Careers Retail Working in a Data Mine y The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern ex how much merchandise to order to replace old stock y Allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patternsBusiness Data on the Go y Tracking system that follows packages as they move around world o Smart label must be created o Smart label includes maxicode which is a scannable sticker that looks like an inkblot and contains important data on package o Bluetooth technology wireless to transmit scanned data through radio waves to terminalo Than recorded in UPS database by terminal being sent across wireless network o GPS kept by scanning smart label
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