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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter 6 Understanding and Assessing Hardware Evaluating Your SystemIs it the Computer or MeMoores Law describes the pace at which CPUs central processing unitsthe small chips that can be thought of as the brains of the computerimprove Predicts that the number of transistors inside a CPU will increase so fast that the CPU capacity will double every 18 months The capacity of DRAM dynamic random access memory memory chips increase about 60 each yearHard drives increase storage capacity by 50 each yearWhat is Your Idea Computer How do I know what my ideal system is If you plan to edit digital video files or play games that require high video frame rates and have amazing soundtracks you will want a computer with more memory upgrade video card and a good set of speakersWhere do I get the training I need Colleges offer full semester classes online modules weekend courses Online tutorialsYouTubeStep by step demonstrations offered by MrExcel Photoshop QuicktipsChoosing Either a Desktop or Notebook SystemNetbook notebook with small keyboard and screen and limited processing power Notebook is best choice if you want a portable computerHow does a notebook compare to a desktop for value Desktops are a better value than notebooks in terms of computing power gained for your dollar Light notebooks typically have a 17 screen or smaller Desktops come in inexpensive 23 screens Desktops are more reliableHow long will a notebook be useful to me External SATA eSATA and USB 30 are fast transfer port Notebooks are often equipped with an ExpressCard slot Can add a solid state drive SSD eSATA and FireWire portsCan add an ExpressCard that allows you to read flash memory cards CompactFlash Memory Sticks Secure Digital cardsAssessing Your Hardware Evaluating Your System
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