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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter 9 Securing your System Protecting your Digital Data and DevicesKeeping your Data SafeCybercrime defined as any criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computerWho perpetrates computer crimes Cybercriminals are individuals who use computers networks and the Internet to perpetrate crimeWhat kinds of cybercrimes are conducted over the Internet IC3 the Internet Computer Complain Center Complaints where Fraud related o Auction fraud o Nondelivery of ordered itemso Credit and debit card fraud o Advanced fee scamsComputer intrusions Unsolicited email Child pornography With all the news coverage about cybercrimes arent people being more cautions MAAWG Messaging AntiAbuse Working GroupAre computer viruses a type of cybercrime Computer virus is a computer program that attaches itself to another computer program host program and attempts to spread to other computers when files are exchangedOne of the most widespread types of cybercrime Many are designed to gather sensitive informations excredit card numbersDoes cybercrime include the theft of computing devices No Computer Threats Computer Viruses Are designed to evade detection Attempt to hide within the code of the host programWhat do computer viruses do Main purpose is to replicate itself and copy its code into as many other files as possibleCan slow down networksSecondary objectives Displaying annoying messages on the computer screen Destroying files or contents of entire hard driveHow does my computer catch a virusDownloading infected audio or video files from a peertopeer file sharingShared file drivesEmail from downloading or opening an attachmentSteps1 An individual writes virus program disguised as a music file and posts it on a file sharing site2 Someone unknowingly downloads the infected file3 They then send it on to a friend4 The friend copies the file to a flash drive which then causes the flash drive to become infected with the virus5 Everyone who copies the file from the infected computer is at risk of getting the virusTypes of Viruses1 BootSector Viruses What are bootsector viruses A bootsector virus replicates itself into a hard droves master boot record Master boot record is a program that executes whenever a computer boots up ensuring that the virus will be loaded into memory immediatelyTransmitted via flash drive left in the USB port 2 Logic Bombs and Time Bombs What is a logic bomb A logic bomb is a virus that is triggered when certain logical conditions are metEx Opening a file or starting a program a certain number of timesTime bomb is a virus that is triggered by the passage of time or on a certain date th Ex Michelangelo virus was set to trigger ever March the 6 Ex BlackWorm virus spreads through email attachmentso Opening the attachment infects the computer so that on the third day of every month the virus deletes certain file types 3 Worms What is a worm A worm attempts to travel between systems through network connections to spread en infection A virus infects a host file and waits until that file is executed on another computer to replicate Antivirus software is software specifically designed to detect viruses and protect your computer and files from harm4 Script and Maco Viruses What are script and macro viruses A script is a series of commands miniprogram that is executed without your knowledgeAre often used to perform useful legitimate functions on the Web But some are maliciousA macro virus is a virus that attaches itself to a document that uses macrosEx Word or Excel
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