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University of Guelph
ECON 1050
Eveline Adomait

The complicated world of economics, as well as the endless ideas and concepts behind it, become rather entertaining and quite informative in this easy to read book titled “Cocktail Party Economics: The Big Ideas and Scintillating Small Talk about Markets”. Authors Eveline J. Adomait alongside Richard G. Maranta have created what appears to be a light read regarding a very complex topic; Economics. In general, Adomait and Maranta have covered the main topics regarding Economics and the world around us in under 200 captivating and fact filled pages. To many people the idea of markets and economics can be rather perplexing, therefore forcing conversations about these concepts to lack knowledge. Within this book is the light-hearted idea of adults at a cocktail party engaging in topics and conversation that all somehow relate back to economics. Between the main focuses in this book that range from Supply and Demand to Monopoly Power, are the funny tidbits of insight to typical adults conversing in thoughts regarding the economics that surround people each day. Before even entering the informative side of economics, introduced are “a group of men who appear to conduct several simultaneous conversations with each other and with their Blackberrys. You overhear their verbal competition about who is busier and getting less sleep”. By tying in this very realistic and quite entertaining storyline, the, what appeared to be complicated world of economics becomes relatable and easy to understand. Young readers might generally become bored or irritated when the thought of complicated economics is brought up. On the contrary, this book uses humorous quotes and the idea of a party to grab the attention of young readers. The authors also use simple analogies like ‘The Flintstones’ and trading Halloween candy so that the ideas of markets and bartering become more understandable. While getting the point across to the reader casual comments such as “Apples are tossed before they make i
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