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Chapter 1-4

Bees - Biology and Management, Chapters 1-4

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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2210
Ernesto Guzman

Chapter Summaries Bees Biology and ManagementChapter 13 man body segmentsHead Thorax and AbdomenHead nervous and sensory centerMouthparts Appendages for feedingFive eyesTwo large Compound Eyes and 3 Smaller OcelliAtennaeused for smell taste touch hearing etcThorax locomotory centerContains the engine for LocomotionThree pairs of legs and two pairs of wingsWingsFore and hind wing together act as a single wingAbdomen digestive reproductive and circulatory centersCotntains more segments including the Sting apparatus in female bees and the male intromittent organBees are within the phylum of ArthropodaArthropods have an ExoskeletonThis is advantageous as it has protective value including against loss of waterBut this also poses problems due to the fact that they cannot grow continuallythey must shed their exoskeleton and grown a newer larger oneMoultingshed the old exoskeleton to expand into a new oneTanning or Sclerotizationchiting darkening and hardening over time through contact with OxygenEusocialthose that live in colonies and have rigid social structure with division of labour and different castesChapter 2Mouthpartsfoods pass into the foremost part of the alimentary tract or gutCompound eyesfunction as photoreceptors and are the main organs for the detection of colour shape and movementOcellilight sensors and are smaller than the compound eyesAtennaefunction in both chemical and tactile modes and are involved in auditory perceptionsFeeling tasting and Smelling Multitasking by the FeelersEach antennae has 3 major sectionsScapefirst apparent segment that attaches the antenna to the insect headPedicelsecond apparent segmentFlagellumthird and remaining apparent segments
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